03 June 2021

108 emergency medical bags offered to the medical system in the north of the Republic of Moldova

108 representatives of the medical system from Bălți, Drochia, Dondușeni and Glodeni received emergency medical bags, equipped with an electronic hand scale with a bag and a measuring mat. This equipment can be used in the context of home visiting for the supervision of a healthy child. Each set offered to the representatives of the medical system costs 1443 lei.



On June 2, within the cross-border project “Access to health services for every child through home visiting”, CCF Moldova distributed the above-mentioned equipment in the 4 pilot localities within the project.



“We distributed medical bags with equipment for home visiting in the northern part of the country. It is a very simple piece of equipment: a measuring mat to measure the child’s length, a scale, a textile bag to put the child, a centimeter ribbon to measure the circumference of the head. The bag is also distributed with special space for brochures or baby observation forms. With this donation we hope to make the work of the nurses a little easier, to prepare them for home visiting which are extremely important. They are the foundation for the child’s further development and support for families with young children “, mentioned Liliana Rotaru, president CCF Moldova organization.

“We are extremely happy to be today with the medical assistants from Balti Municipality. Their work is extremely important, because our future, the future of the Republic of Moldova depends on the health, on the education of children”, said E.S. The Consul General of Romania in Bălți, Mr. Petrișor-Ionel Dumitrescu.



“We are very happy with the success of this project. We are happy for the CCF Moldova contribution to this project and its partners, starting from the training that benefited the social workers and followed by the equipment that was offered. If the social workers will notice, while home visiting, certain aspects related to social assistance and will report them, all these activities will be for the benefit of the family and respectively for the health of family members “, said the Vice President of Glodeni District, Oxana Albu.

“These are very important things for the work of home nurses and I hope it will be a joy for mothers because they will not have to go to health centers to make the same monthly measurements for their little ones. Also to procure such medical equipment is extremely complicated for a medical institution, but we obtained them through a donation, much easier, much faster, which for we are very grateful”, concluded Rodica Margarint nurse chief, Public Medical-Sanitary Institution, Balti Municipal Family Physicians Center.



“Children are our future and we need to have a healthy generation and this project has helped us acquire some important skills in order to better monitor the development of our children. We were offered medical bags, which will allow us to make our visits more efficient and I hope that we will be more successful in our daily work “, mentioned Valentina Stelea, nurse, Glodeni District.



The project aims to eliminate existing inequities by ensuring that all children have access to quality medical services in the community.

The cross-border project “Access to health services for every child through home visits” is implemented by CCF Moldova in partnership with the Star of Hope Romania Foundation and funded by the European Union through the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI), through the Joint Operational Program Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 between April 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021.

The Management Structures of the Romania-Republic of Moldova Program 2014-2020 support the communities from the border areas in identifying common solutions for the similar problems they face. All the information regarding the Joint Operational Program Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 can be found here: www.ro-md.net.