11 September 2018

150 children are back to school with school supplies and bags

The feeling of butterflies in the stomach caused by the ringing of the school bell at the beginning of the new school year, has gone.

Getting ready for school is a complex process for CCF/HHC Moldova team. Apart from the material aspect, which is very important, the school preparation means also discussions, child consultations, advice, offering support and guidance to parents and to teachers assistants, those who help with inclusive education.

The integration of each child in the school community is extremely important. This is the main step towards the success. Therefore we pay much attention to respecting the diversity, elimination of social exclusion and inequality and appeal for human solidarity.

Through the “Back to school!” Campaign we managed to help 150 children to start the school with no impediments. Anastasia is one of these children, who went, one week later, to school proudly carrying her school bag, which replaced her shopping bag. The girl is coming from a big family. She’s got 3 more younger siblings and their single mother didn’t buy Anastasia a school bag, because she was not able to cope with all the living expenses. „I’ve noticed the sadness on her face when she was getting on the bus. My heart was acking, but I didn’t have any solutions”, said Natalia, girl’s mother. ’’ Some of my colleagues are really friendly, but some of them were laughing about me, about me coming to school with a plastic shopping bag. I was feeling ashamed and I was crying’’, Anastasia is recounting.

With everybody’s contribution, we offer a chance to children to a better life, to families – new hopes.

So, thanks to our partner’s generosity and implication, 150 disadvantaged children recieved gifts, school supplies and bags, clothes. Nothing cand stand in their way to get to school.

The Campaign was sustained by Lisnic Barber Shop, Suflet Generos NGO, Estel Moldova, „Betesda” Foundation, Trabo Plus, Ask a Mom and Coca-Cola Moldova.

We will continue monitoring these children and supporting them together with the authorities and the specialsits.