14 May 2021

On the International Family Day, CCF Moldova is launching the second edition of „Tales from Home ” campaign


For the second consecutive year, CCF Moldova and Ilinca Avram is launching the social campaign “Tales from home”, which aim is to support each child and respect the right to grow up in a harmonious, safe and protected environment. In this sense, the campaign is starting on May 15, International Family Day and will end on June 1, with a surprise guest, who will read to the children.

For two weeks, every evening, the protagonists of the campaign – artists, TV presenters, bloggers, businessmen, well-known names to the public – will read stories for children and will urge their communities and the general public to donate on the organization’s platform www.donatii.md. And the organization’s partner, Victoriabank, will double each donation, thus encouraging people to do good deeds.

This year, Oxana Greadcenco, Igor Hîncu, Mirela Urusciuc, Ludmila Adamciuc, Dumitru Sliusarenco, Gloria Gorceag, Lucia Gariuc, Xenia Piciughin, Sorin Bălănel and other well-known names will read us the chosen story and will encourage us to support hundreds of children and their families. affected by poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic. For them, the children of this country, we show solidarity every time.

Let’s listen as many stories as possible in May, which will inspire us to rewrite true stories – life stories.

The campaign will take place on all social media channels of CCF Moldova: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

We remind you that last year, during the first edition, we managed together to collect the amount of 20,116 lei, money that contributed to the team’s work to support in total in 2020 – 783 children with their families.

“The families that CCF Moldova works with felt the full blows – economic, health, educational, emotional. It was these families who felt first poverty, having no money and too little help from elsewhere. Namely, these families crammed  6-7 in a room, and used the same mask for several days. The disinfectants and soap were a luxury. Children from families who barely had electricity, not to mention the internet and computers or telephones, participated in lessons through intermediaries, and if they also had special educational needs or disabilities – intermediaries could no longer meet their needs. COVID-19 has left deep physical and emotional scars and it will take time, patience, hope and material resources to deal with them. Where will thousands of families be pushed by COVID-19 into poverty and despair? When we think of “ours”, I urge you not to forget the children for whom parents hope for a miracle to give them the basics, and we can do that miracle ourselves “, mentioned Liliana Rotaru, the chairperson of CCF Moldova.