27 August 2020

A helping hand for the education of 270 children

The total number of children in our country is 670,000 (excluding the Transnistrian region), according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
According to the same source in previous years, every eighth child was affected by poverty. What is the situation now during the pandemic? We don’t have any official data, but the reality seems to be very harsh. We know it and we see it in every locality where our colleagues go.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the new education formula, which starts in just a few days, will be the online school, becoming mandatory in the meantime. It’s just that this obligation does not come with solutions. About 30,000 children do not have access to online education. The parents remain unaware of what will happen next, and the authorities have no answers yet. Officials said they had found only 3,000 computers so far, or only 10 percent of the required number.

In July this year, our organization in partnership with UNICEF Moldova published a rapid assessment “From crisis to solutions”, which also includes recommendations addressed to various actors, including the authorities https://ccfmoldova.org/new/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Social_Work_Perception_Report.pdf

In the meantime, we haven’t given up. We mobilized and put our shoulder to the wheel to help 270 children directly, whose families were already monitored by our team.Thus, with the support of Iulian Bercu, the Ambassador of the organization, we launched the 2.7 Challenge – Run for Children 2020. A charity race that invites people to be active and donate between August 20-27. A race that proved to be a real success, and 225 runners, donors and promoters of children’s rights, did everything possible to facilitate the access to education of 270 children. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but for our organization it is a huge wave that offers development potential to those limited in possibilities. Let’s not forget, we talk about 270 children destinies.