14 June 2019

A New Social Partnership in Support of Dozens of Children to Grow Up at Home


This week, CCF / HHC Moldova and Biotehnos SRL signed a collaboration agreement to open a new crèche, a day care service that enables needy families to be able to raise their children in their own homes.

Project costs are estimated to reach an amount of approximately 660,000 lei (~32,000 EUR), financed entirely by the company, and CCF / HHC Moldova will be the guarantor of the partnership’s success, having over eight years of experience in this field.

The first crèche created by CCF/ HHC Moldova in 2011 is in Chisinau, and boasts a 100% success rate in keeping their beneficiaries’ families together. This service was established in response to a rising awareness of the needs of families who were in danger of being separated from their children. If no solution could be found that would allow the children to remain in the care of their parents, they would have ended up in a residential institution. Together with Biotehnos, we are working to create the sixth creche service, which will be a demanding process.

What Does the Crèche Represent? 

The creches provide a daycare service, free of charge, which was created to prevent children separation from their families, to encourage those parents who have no other alternative to work and raise their children in a safe environment. The crèche is intended for children aged four months to three years, who receive age-specific care: walking, changing nappies, feeding, sleeping, playing, etc. In addition, parents are provided with a useful range of information to help them learn better skills in child rearing.

Each social service developed by CCF / HHC Moldova, financially supported by the cooperation partners, is settled by agreement with local and central authorities.  As soon as the preparation work is finished, competent authorities are responsible for managing and ensuring a sustainable development of the child’s protection system.


History and Appreciation

In 2012 (after our successful first year), the crèche service received international appreciation. The Austrian ERSTE Foundation has offered CCF / HHC Moldova an award for remarkable innovative and sustainable projects that produce significant social changes.

A year later, this service was introduced in the UNICEF Compendium for Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a successful practice in intervention and supporting early-childhood development.

From 2011, almost 230 children have benefited from the quality services offered by the five crèches launched by CCF/HHC Moldova.  Every child has the opportunity to be with his parents who in turn get the chance to overcome the challenges they are facing. If we help these parents, easing their burden by identifying solutions and orienting them to services according to their needs, we are really helping children to live in a warm and safe environment.

Future plans

The work on our sixth creche has already begun and we intend to be able to open its doors by September of this year, and to pass the responsibility of managing a functional useful service to the local authorities.