08 March 2017

A New Social Service for Mother-Child Couples


Social services to meet community needs to support vulnerable families and prevent family separation, are being created by a partnership between Kaufland Moldova and CCF / HHC Moldova, with the support of Local Public Authorities (APL) in Criuleni district.

Representatives of Kaufland have announced their availability to financially support CCF / HHC Moldova programs. Thus, in addition to the core business, investors have also shown interest in supporting social projects in our country.

With the opening of the first stores in Chisinau, 1000 jobs will be created, and the first results of the social projects, in the spirit of social-corporate responsibility, will appear.

The maternity center allows for the formation, maintenance and strengthening of family ties, as well as family support for parental responsibilities. It is intended for mother-to-child couples, including pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy, who are in difficult situations and risk separation of the child from the family. They are single mothers, minor mothers, mothers from marginalized, poor families, unacceptable family / partners, victims of abuse, mothers without a place of living, etc. Here are refuge, psychological support, social support and free living place for short and medium term (3-12 months). Minor mothers can stay in the maternal center until they are of age, if necessary.

The social welfare is a day care service designed to prevent the child from 3 to 4 years of age from being separated from the family environment by providing care and education services, enabling parents to work to overcome financial problems and foster the development of independence and fortification of the family.

Over the 13 years of activity in the field of child protection reform, CCF / HHC Moldova has developed 5 social nurseries, and in 2012 it was awarded by the ERSTE Austrian Foundation for Social Innovation – the nursery service. At the same time, this service developed by CCF / HHC has been included in the UNICEF Compendium of Successful Practices in Supporting Older Children.

Since 2014, HHC Romania and Kaufland have been strategic partners and have together opened a Transit and Counseling Center for young people coming out of the institutionalized system in Baia Mare.

In 2016, CCF / HHC Moldova together with the local authorities in 21 districts of the country initiated the evaluation and return procedure in the family environment (extended and biological families or family-type services) of the 117 children from the Republican Rehabilitation and Placement Center Chisinau. Thanks to the partnership and cooperation agreement signed by CCF / HHC Moldova and Criuleni LPA, the cases of children in risk situations have been solved and now the authorities are interested in developing local services in support of vulnerable children and families. Moreover, the two services to be created by Kaufland and CCF / HHC will be taken over and fully financed by the local authorities in Criuleni to be made available to the district residents.

Liliana Rotaru, President of CCF / HHC Moldova, says: “Thanks to this trilateral partnership, in the first year, dozens of families will stay together, see their children grow up, find a job, change their present and future. This will make Criuleni a more welcoming and better city with people in need of help. Kaufland has a global presence, but that does not prevent them from taking care of local action. Thank you for your trust and partnership! “.

According to the National Report on the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2014, more than 168,000 Moldovan children were affected by migration, of which 62,811 children were registered with the social assistance system. Moreover, for the same year, there were 290 cases of abandonment of children in maternity.

Anna Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR Officer Kaufland said: “A society develops when we each engage, for the benefit of the community, giving support and care. For Kaufland, responsibility for people is first and our commitment is long-term. We are glad that through this social program we have the opportunity to change the lives of mothers and needy children for the better. As part of the community, we are actively involved with all resources, not just material, but also investing time and dedication. ”

Kaufland is among the largest retail companies in Europe, with over 200,000 employees and 1,200 stores in 7 countries. Most of our CSR projects are developed in partnership with regional or national non-governmental associations, and we are pursuing the implementation of complex social programs.