21 July 2016

Advocacy in action by NGO-partners


Chisinau, July 21, 2016 – Representatives of NGOs-partners from Chisinau municipality participated today in a discussion aiming to intensify advocacy efforts for the benefit of vulnerable children and their families. There are local NGOs active in child and social protection field who want to extend their capacities to advocate for most vulnerable children and their parents’ rights. Guided by CCF/HHC Moldova – an organization  that has an experience of 11 years of intensive work at local, district and national levels and is actively involved in child care reform and development of social community services – NGO representatives have shared their experience and discussed their future Advocacy plans. The plans are going to be developed based on a series of trainings and a special Guide called “Advocacy for Nongovernmental Organizations in 8 steps” developed by the CCF/HHC Moldova for local NGOs. The publication contains valuable information for NGOs to advocate for the benefit of vulnerable children and their families in their community. The main purpose of the Guidelines is to provide local NGOs with easy toold and teckniques to apply in planning and implementing an advocacy campaign.

The Romanian version of the Guide could be accessed hereaici and the Russina version here aici.

The Guide and today’s meeting are part of the project “Strengthening the capacity of civil society for inclusive participation of most marginalized parents and children”, implemented by CCF/HHC Moldova and funded by the European Union. The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society in promoting children’s rights and contribute to the reform of the child protection system in Moldova.