21 September 2018

Be children’s HERO!


  • Nearly 100 runners will put on the #RunForChildren’s T-shirt for Chisinau International Marathon, on 30st of September, and will run for CCF/HHC Moldova’s cause: to help 3 families in need to raise their children at home and not to leave them in the orphanages.
  • Be more than a runner: be a HERO! Everyone can join #RunForChildren team whether by taking part at Chisinau Marathon, or whether by donating online on http://ccf_hhc.galantom.ro/
  • Attention! The registration for the Chisinau Marathon will close on 20st of September.

The running races prove to be more popular year by year. At the beginning, they were only sport competition, whithin the Olympic Games, but, in the XXth century, these races became independent and manages to bring together thousands, and many times, ten of thousands of runners. People are running not only for the health benefits of this sport, but, more recently, for different social causes.

On 30st of September, CCF/HHC Moldova will take part, the second year in a row, at the Chisinau International Marathon with Run for Children team. Until now, 100 volunteers and supporters joined the team. They will help us to raise money 13 children to stay with their families. All the funds will go towards 3 families from our prevention program in order to rebuild their damaged houses and to connect them to the main water supply.

14 generous persons – fundraisers who selfessly support and promote our cause http://ccf_hhc.galantom.ro/ – have accepted to run, raise and to mobilise other people to join #RunForChildren team. They are: the journalist and the international marathonist, Iulian Bercu, and his EcoRun team, actresses, journalists and TV presenters, Daniela Ciocanu, Dana Ciobanu, Olesea Sveclă, Leanca Grițcan, public figures, bloggers and influencers, like: Anastasia Saratura, Lucia Aprodu, Nata Eu, Jenny Kauffman, as well as business people: Rodica Dodica, Ilona Belous and Alexandru Munteanu.

Many companies will participate with their running teams made up of their employees, donating for these 3 families.  The companies that have got involved in the project Run for Children are: Rikipal, Xerox, Lee Cooper, Rotary Club Chisinau Cosmopolitan, Fundația Felicia, Endava,  Purcari Wines, Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel, Digital Park, Amdaris, Shopping Malldova, Donaris Vienna Insurance Group. The runners will benefit from professional trainings organised early in the morning or in the evening, after work, and a Pasta Party, as well, which will take place the day before the Marathon, so that the runners have their battery charged with carbohydrates.

We highly appreciate our partners support, as well: Romstal, Rozmarin Café, Kentford, Sport Club “Galata”,  OM water, Orhei-Vit, Verde-Viu.


“It’s much more than a social initiative. It’s movement, having fun and team building. The final result is to contribute to the life improvement of 3 families with 13 children”,  affirms Liliana Rotaru, CCF/HHC Moldova’ Chairperson.

“Water is a priceless good, especially when it’s missing. There are families which dream to have running water in their homes. Today, I would like to make a call for action to help 13 children from Cârciumaru, Bolboceanu and  Bârsan families to stay together with their parents, surrounded by love and parental care. All the money raised by Run for Children team will be spent on connecting these families to the main water supply, so that they can enjoy it”,  says the actress Dana Ciobanu, a fundraising runner in the Run for Children team.

We kindly invite as many well wishers as possible to join CCF/HHC Moldova’s mission to close down the orphanages and to support the families – „A home and a family for every child”. We offer new ways of supporting our programs, new actions in which people – keen sportsmen or beginners, sponsors, partners, volunteers, child rights promoters – can be part of our team.

To be part of #Run for Children team, please choose the race which suits yoy best. Attention, the registration for the Marathon is closing down on 20st of September.

  • Marathon 42 km
  • Half marathon 21 km
  • Run 10 km
  • Run 5 km
  • Fun Run

Join Run for Children team by clicking this link: https://ccfmoldova.org/vbdonations/en/run-for-children/

Be a hero for these children!

Abou CCF/HHC Moldova: CCF Moldova – Child, Community, Family is a NGO founded in 2004. In our country, we represent the British Foundation Hope and Homes for Children which was started in 1994 and has its headquarters in Great Britain. In Moldova, CCF/HHC Moldova helped 4 200 children and their families, between 2004-2017. Our vision is a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care.