15 December 2017

Cezara’s Kolesnik exhibition has been inaugurated


Wednesday, 13th December 2017, the artist Cezara Kolesnik invited the art lovers and the fans of her artwork at the opening of the Dreams&Fairytales exhibition. The event took place at MOLDECO art-saloon. The exhibition will be displayed until 30th December 2017. All art lovers are invited to admire the works of art displayed in the saloon.

Conquering the world with her art pieces, Cezara is always coming back to Moldova, less often, but she does come back.  In the last two years,by displaying her art works, Cezara is supporting a social cause by donating a certain percentage to the CCF/HHC Moldova programs. 30 %  from the sale of her paintings will go towards the CCF/HHC Moldova beneficiaries.


On Winter holidays eve, the artist shares with us new stories which will help us to get ready for the holidays. ’’Dreams&Fairytales’’ exhibition expresses the dreams and the stories of the children.

We kindly invite you to attend this exhibition full of colour in a nice atmosphere maintained by MolDeco art-saloon.


About Cezara: She was born in the Republic of Moldova, where she got the passion for painting and the first classes in Fine Arts. In 2000, she continued her studies in France. She recieved a Master’s Degreeat Sorbonne University.

Cezara exhibited her art works, which were really successful, in Paris, Bruxelles, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Dijon, Bucharest and Chișinău; her paintings can be found in personal collections across Europe. The main painting technique used by the artist is oil painting on canvas. But Cezara likes experimenting new techniques, like painting on wood, glass and paper.

The artist lives and works in Bruxelles, she even established her own atelier where she organises workshops for those interested in painting. You can find more details about Cezara’s art work on this web-site


About CCF/HHC Moldova and the noble cause on which the money will be spent on: Child Community Family (CCF) – reprezentative of  Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) Great Britain – is a non governmental and non-profit organisation which, for 13 years, changes children’s lives, who were abandoned in cold and depersonalized institutions. These children have no identity. From 2005, we represent Hope & Homes for Children Foundation from Great Britain (www.hopeandhomes.org).  Until now, we supported nearly 4000 children by helping them to grow up in a family. We managed to close 9 residential institutions. We strongly believe that the family is the best place for a child to develop and flourish. Our mission is to put an end to the institutional care.