11 June 2016



Hîncești, June 11, 2016 – around 60 children placed in foster families from Chisinau celebrated the Europe Day and International Children’ Day in a unique way – through a visit to Manuc Bei historic mansion situated in Hancesti. The fairy tales about castles, princes and princesses have become reality in one moment. Palace’s Inn, The House of bailiff, the Countess’ building, Hunting Castle and Watchtower – these buildings were part of the story too. The celebration continued in the middle of cheerful meadows where children enjoyed snacks, face painting, and became main characters of Moldovan folk tales and finally they launched into the sky the colourful balloons. The trip was concluded with a visit to the ostrich farm, where children and their foster parents watched the birds and exotic animals: ostriches, wild horses, ponies, peacocks, pheasants, black swans, ducks, falcons, etc.

By this event, the Chisinau foster family service launched an eight months project, which aims to develop this service for the benefit of children without parental care. The mini-project involves activities to promote and support foster parents in Chisinau. The Foster Care Association promotes networking, mutual learning, exchanging experience and self-support activities – which are guarantees of outstanding quality of foster care in Chisinau.


The event and the project are conducted within the framework of “Strengthening the capacity of civil society for inclusive participation of the most marginalized children and parents” project funded by European Union Delegation. The participants of the project are 25 local NGOs active in child and family social protection and who want to extend their capacities to advocate for the most vulnerable and marginalised groups.