20 June 2019

Crèche: A Vital Service


A child’s interests will prevail despite any circumstances. The crèche employees from Bălți provide children with an adequate environment to develop in, and their parents with the possibility to get involved in the working process so that they will be able to give them a decent life. The creche of the Temporary Placement and Rehabilitation Center takes care of 13 children who benefit from a full range of support services.

This institution opens its doors to children aged four months to three years. Victor arrived here when he was one year old. His mother was forced to start working earlier than the term stipulated by law due to insufficient financial resources she could rely on.


Raising her two children became a challenge from the moment the father of her youngest joined the army. She had no other choice but to find  proper support in state institutions: her oldest is under the supervision of the kindergarten staff, but Victor is cared for by the crèche specialists. “I am grateful for the services delivered by this institution; the baby sleeps well, eats tasty food, draws, and develops”, confessed his mother.


Potential beneficiaries can enroll the crèche by fulfilling an application at the Social Assistance Department. Subsequently, the family situation is evaluated, and if the child’s need is confirmed, he will be accepted. “Needs bring them here, but we try to give them the necessary attention. Positive results stimulate us to continue working, all activities are developed according to the child’s interest,” said Valeriu Slobodeanu, the chief doctor of the Temporary Placement and Rehabilitation Center.

The creche as a social service was launched by CCF Moldova in 2011 to prevent the children’s placement in residential institutions, thus ensuring a childhood in their own family. In September 2019, the third crèche developed with the support of CCF Moldova will begin its activities. Two others crèches work in Balti and one in Glodeni. To date, around 230 children have benefited from the services offered by the five creches.