07 December 2020

Increased interest for Inclusive Education


“The importance of inclusive schools and education continues. This is also the purpose of the 2020 Agenda developed by the United Nations, which provides the guarantee of the right and access to education of every child. The ultimate goal remains a school for all, a school that meets the needs of children, parents and teachers”, said Dr. Bohdan Androhschuk, coordinator of the Eastern Partnership Department at ChildFund Deutschland. The statement was made during the event which summarized the results of the project “Strong through diversity – the application of the Inclusion Index”.



The conference brought together specialists in the education field from across the country, during which the activities and results of the project “Strong through diversity – application of the Inclusion Index” were reviewed. The project participants shared their experiences, the challenges they faced, but also their achievements. The Permanent Representative of the German Ambassador to Chisinau, Ullrich Kinne, thanked the participants for their commitment to turning schools into child-friendly communities.


“Germany and the European Union have a strong interest in developing the EU’s neighboring regions, implementing economic, social and political reforms, and promoting democracy and prosperity. The project implemented by these 14 schools is a viable example of how living conditions can be improved at local level, processes can be strengthened and sustainable development can be ensured in accordance with European Union standards”, mentioned Ullrich Kinne, Permanent Representative of the German Ambassador to Chisinau.

The team of experts, together with the representatives of the participating schools, tried to ensure a continuous evaluation process of the institutions in which they operate based on the Inclusion Index, analyzed the difficulties they face, reviewed the development plans of the schools and prioritized the most stringent needs. “We have set a series of ambitious actions for a short period of time, also affected by the consequences of the pandemic. Enormous work, the commitment of all people involved, the support of partners have contributed to the completion of all tasks, so as to ensure that inclusive values ​​are put into action in schools in the Republic of Moldova”,said the inclusion expert Viorica Cojocaru.



During the project implementation period, consultation sessions were held with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research, to analyze the integration of the Inclusion Index in the policies and actions promoted by the Republic of Moldova . “The project” Strong through diversity – the application of the Inclusion Index ” is a universal project, which addresses all children, regardless of abilities and disabilities, regardless of social environment, is addressed to all adults, but also to the entire school community. An innovative thing that characterizes this project is the emphasis on a process of continuous improvement and development of the school”, underlined Liliana Rotaru, president of CCF Moldova.



The project offered teacher training sessions, online study visits with specialists in the education field from Germany, exchange of experiences with other institutions in our country, but also in the Federal State of Berlin, especially in monitoring progress and maintaining an effective dialogue with local authorities needed for community development. The activities provided in the project were carried out in 14 schools in Sangerei and Straseni districts. “The project has contributed to the intense promotion of inclusive values, respect for democratic principles and stimulating the participation of all. I am glad to see the achievements obtained by the academic community in creating an educational environment as inclusive as it is effective in achieving the objectives of the institution “, said Ludmila Șicanu, director of the Theoretical High School “Olimp” in Singerei.



The summarising event of the project results is part of the Decade of Inclusive Education, carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

The project “Strong through diversity – the application of the Inclusion Index” took place between June 2019 and December 2020, in partnership with ChildFund Deutschland, with the financial support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ChildFund Deutschland is a German non-governmental organization working in the field of development cooperation. Its activity focuses on children and adolescents at risk, children and young people with disabilities, disadvantaged families, children and adolescents, who want to change their future. The organization was founded in 1978, based in Nürtingen, near Stuttgart, and operates in more than 32 countries on four continents. It has been active in the Eastern Partnership countries since 2004. Meanwhile, the organization’s activities continue to expand in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Belarus and Georgia. In all Eastern European countries, initiatives related to child protection, education for sustainable development and inclusion are actively promoted. In Moldova, the activities of ChildFund Deutschland in the field of child protection began in 2004. Today, they include the promotion of inclusion in education and education for sustainable development.