30 March 2018

Initial training course for potential foster parents

In March, during 6 days, at “Ion Creangă” library from Chișinău, an initial training course for foster parents took place, organised by CCF/HHC Moldova. 21 applicants from 7 districts and Chișinău municipality participated at this workshop (Hâncești, Cantemir, Leova, Ocnița, Nisporeni, Cimișlia, Ialoveni). Four applicants attended the course at the request of our partners “Concordia”, an active NGO in the child protection field.

This workshop was organised in order to help local Directorates of Social Assistance and Family Protection from the above districts to recruit Foster Parents who are in high demand due to the large number of children at risk.

The workshop was designed according to the Regulations and Standards of the Foster Care Service. The specialists invited to take the course applied different interactive methods in order to raise discussion about all the aspects of child raising. These discussion put them in the shoes of the children. A great advantage was the fact that one of the trainer is herself a foster parents and she happily shared her personal experience.

All the participants declared in unison that the best motivation for them to become foster parents is the desire to help the children, to offer them unconditional love and to make them happy.The spouses Iurie and Olga Fedorcea from Crasnoarmeiscoe village, Hâncești district, found themselves in the same situation. They have 3 biological children but this doesn’t bother them to become parents for other vulnerable children: ”We want to offer them a loving family environment. They go to bed with no food, no love, no caress. In our home, when they wiil come back from school, they will always find warm food on the table”.

At the end of the workshops, the applicants will be assessed by the specialists from Foster care Service. After the approval, they foster parents will be matched with one, two or three children who need a family.



Foster care is a social service which offers to a child family care within the foster family for period of time.