26 June 2019

Moldovan society through the eyes of an American volunteer


“It is frustrating to observe the difficult situations moldovan families I have met are facing. Once you have heard their story, you could not stop thinking about helping them, offering decent living conditions and a happy childhood”, confesses Fiona Barrett, a young student from the United States of America, who came to Moldova via an international volunteer program.

Useful experience provided by CCF/HHC Moldova

She would like to capitalize her development opportunities and genuinely believes that the experience provided by the CCF/HHC team is a valuable platform.  Her interest in the Public Health and Child Protection System has determined her to apply for this internship. She studies two faculties at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania – Global Health and Creative Writing. Fiona came to Moldova for two months, time she will spend getting involved in various activities delivered by the organization.

The few visits at Small Group Home from Chișinău, launched and developed by CCF/HHC Moldova more than two years ago, were enough for our volunteer to get close to the beneficiaries. Hand in hand with the specialists, she took care of 11 severely disabled children. “Our first interactions were difficult. We didn’t have a connection. The children didn’t know me, and on the other hand, at that time, I didn’t realize how complex the work in such an institution can be. I can honestly say that I enjoy the time spent here, and moreover, I have the certainty that working here is a valuable experience which will help me to form the necessary abilities I will need in future actions I will be involved”, said Fiona.


Volunteering, skills provider

Our volunteer has set the objective to discover as much as possible about the CCF/HHC contribution to preventing child separation from the family. The field visits represent an asset in the learning process of the CCF/HHC programs, the intervention specificity and expected results. Subsequently, the information gathered in the documentation process is brought out in articles aimed to inform the public about the organization’s actions and consequences for its beneficiaries.


At the same time, Fiona had the opportunity to learn more about CCF/HHC Communication and Fundraising Department work and was getting involved, when needed, without any reservations. The young volunteer alternated her duties in the organization with pretty escapes to various places of interest of our country. She attended Romanian language courses provided by the American Councils. Every chance she gets to introduce some Romanian expressions, she does it with no hesitation.

“I decided to let myself be surprised by what the country could offer me”

This adventure became a reality thanks to university lacrosse teacher, who gave her strong hints that is a good opportunity to apply. Her parents encouraged her decision to come to Moldova and to take advantage of the experience. “I decided to let myself be surprised by what the country could offer me, without any expectations, which often turn to be erroneous. To my delight, the people I met are nice, the surroundings– beautiful, and the work done here – useful”, concluded the young volunteer from the United States of America.