01 April 2016

Regional HHC Director’s Visit to Chisinau


Chisinau, April 1 – From March 31st to April 1st, Ştefan Dărăbuş, Regional Director of the Organization Hope and Homes for Children UK (HHC), an organization that supports the de-institutionalization and development of foster services for children in many countries, including Republic of Moldova, visited Chisinau. Mr. Ştefan Dărăbuş met with several high-level officials and visited the ongoing projects funded by HHC UK, including Transnistria.

The Regional Director met with the Minister of Education, Corina Fusu, Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family, Stela Grigoraş, Senior State Adviser to the Prime Minister on social issues, Viorelia Moldovan-Batranac. During the meetings, Mr. Ştefan Dărăbuş reiterated the importance of continuing the reforms initiated by the Moldovan Government and the development of community foster services for every child to fully exercise their right to family. In addition, Mr. Dărăbuş met with some of the most important private business supporters of CCF/HHC programs and thanked them for their generous contributions that helped support needy families and their children.

The CCF Moldova – Child, Community, Family Organization is a non-profit organization founded in 2004. In 2005, CCF Moldova became the representative of HHC UK (Hope and Homes for Children UK). CCF/HHC plays an important role in reforming education and child protection, such as de-institutionalization, the development of alternative foster services, inclusive education etc. Since 2004, CCF/HHC Moldova implemented de-institutionalization programs and the amounts allocated by HHC UK reached 3 284 435 euro. The value of inclusive education programs amounts to 626.703 US Dollars.