14 May 2020

TALES FROM HOME – a new social campaign

“Tales from Home” is a new social campaign, launched online by Child, Community, Family. It is an international initiative, brought to Moldova together with the TV presenter, Ilinca Avram, established for some time in California, USA, where the campaign is a real success. Alongside with public figures from our country: actors, artists, TV presenters, bloggers, we will read Romanian stories, fairy tales and fables every night for a month, and we will encourage listeners, but also those who believe in stories to donate easily and conveniently on the online donation platform of the organization https://ccfmoldova.org/vbdonations/product/donatie/. The campaign will take place on all social channels of CCF Moldova.

Later, the Child, Community, Family team will reach the most affected children who go to bed hungry, and their dreams are just about food.

“One of the most beautiful memories from our childhood is when our parents or grandparents read us stories. My grandmother always says that words can heal, and if they are said by the right person at the right time, then they can be truly magical. We are all going through difficult times, but I think this is the right time to change and become more generous. We need to do something for those who need our help. Let’s create together a beautiful and real story for the vulnerable children”, mentioned Ilinca Avram.

Words have a healing power, and those from fairy tales, have an almost magical power.

Human solidarity will make us stronger in the fight against COVID-19, which leaves deep marks on vulnerable families even in the post-pandemic period. We need all your support in order to help children stay with their families and offering them a decent life. The pandemic makes us stronger and unites us.

We look forward to meeting everyone in the world of “once upon a time”.