12 July 2019

The 18 children CCF/HHC Moldova are working with had a wonderful day

His Excellency the Ambassador of Romania in Republic of Moldova, Daniel Ioniță, and his wife, Lavinia-Cătălina Ioniță, met the children from the CCF/HHC Moldova programs.

The day started with a visit at the Small Group Home, where the guests were accompanied by the CCF/HHC director, Liliana Rotaru. The patron of our organization, the soprano Valentina Naforniță and the baritone Mihai Dogotari, interested in meeting the 11th children who live here. For the past two years, these children have received an affecting and individual treatment, which contributed essentially to their advances in the rehabilitation process. The employees of the Small Group Home have developed warm relationships with their beneficiaries, they know in details children’s preferences and things that make them happy.


Our informational, and at times inspirational, visit continued in a parental assistant house, where live two amazing children – one and three years old. In two months after leaving the orphanage, you can observe how this family developed their relationships based on attachment, affection, attention and constructive emotions. The foster parent described in details every important period in the children’s life – first teeth, first steps, first words, a better appetite, more peaceful sleep, more hours playing outside and more childhood bliss.


In the end, we met a family who takes care of their five children. Together they face genuine challenges, father’s illness, a lot of needs and risks. We went along with them in the most difficult moments. Today, the atmosphere is fulfilled by loving smiles and mother’s voice, which inspires confidence and hope.


We have offered a complex intervention according to our mission, which is to emphasize development possibilities in a protected and safe environment.  All the children received presents from his Excellency Daniel Ioniță. The prying eyes of the children were looking in their new school bags full of surprises, while their parents were watching them carefully.

The visit of the Ambassador of Romania in Republic of Moldova and his wife took place on July 11th.