07 December 2020

The Marathon of Wonders for 700 children

Have you ever thought that for some children the miracle means a pair of boots, a warm meal or firewood?

Today, December 7, we’re launching the Marathon of Wonders for 700 vulnerable children. The action will last 20 days (December 7-27), during which time, marathon runners, running enthusiasts or keen lovers of new challenges are urged to form groups of 3 people and to run a cumulative 700 km per group. Their effort can be supported with a donation here https://ccfmoldova.org/vbdonations/product/donatie/.

The marathon is launched by Child, Community, Family (CCF Moldova) alongside Iulian Bercu, the organization’s ambassador, to encourage people to donate for 700 children, whom CCF Moldova will help in the next period, to grow up in their families.

“We will have a unique chance to help 700 children to dream about fairytales and not about food, on New Year’s Eve!“, nentioned Iulian Bercu.

The pandemic significantly contributes to the alarming increase in the number of children at risk of being separated from their families. At the moment, we don’t have official data on the current situation of children in our country, but we know the reality very well, because we work daily directly with parents, children and authorities. The crisis has devastated the public budgets. The money is being redirected to the public health system, which is certainly a priority now. But what do we do with desperate families, who actually have nothing to eat, no firewood for heating, no proper homes and nothing to wear?

According to statistics, until the outbreak of the pandemic, every tenth child in Moldova was affected by extreme poverty, which means that every tenth child goes to bed hungry at night.

Poverty deprives our FUTURE of education, reduces the opportunity to develop our own potential, inhibits physical and cognitive development, and in the long run increases the likelihood of unemployment, living in poverty and social exclusion. The poorer the parents, the poorer their children will be. This vicious circle can be broken, with our support, taking care of the communities in which our children grow up.

The action is supported by Garmin Moldova, Chateau Vartely, AZART Outlet, Fourchette and Avante Moldova, which will offer generous prizes to the first 7 teams that will accumulate 700 km each.

It’s in our power to make miracles happen!