24 May 2021

The Meaning of Fasting campaign 2021 – the results


At the fifth edition of the “Meaning of the Fasting” campaign, launched by CCF Moldova this year, 93,652 lei were raised. This money money will be used to support 34 mothers who grew up without mothers, and now as parents, they are having a hard time.

During seven weeks, more precisely between March 15 and May 2, dozens of people fasted and donated their meals by accessing the largest virtual restaurant: www.rostulpostului.md. A total of 252 donations were made, important contributions that will help dozens of children stay with their mothers/parents.

The pandemic did not stop people from being generous, it even united and united us to change the lives of children and humanity in a better world. This year, the largest amount has been collected since the beginning of the campaign, namely from individual donations. The donations came both from the people from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad.

“Christ is Risen! These words were heard in almost every house in the country and brought hope and light to both the little ones and the grown up ones. In every locality there are families who no longer believe in the kindness, and hope has long been a deleted word. Those who have supported the “Meaning of Fasting” campaign (financially or by spreading the word about this campaign) will convince dozens of families that humanity and the generosity are not just empty words, but still have a strong meaning. With the help of those who supported the “Meaning of Fasting”, we collected over 93,000 lei – the largest amount collected so far during this campaign. Those who donated felt that this year, families with children facing poverty will find it harder than ever. We thank all those who contributed to the success of the campaign “, says Liliana Rotaru, the chairperson of CCF Moldova.

According to the CCF Moldova organization, about 30% of the families helped annually are single-parent families. Unfortunately, many parents grew up without families. The lack of this foundation often leads to various difficulties. But the most important resource of these parents is the love for their children. Thus, we set out to direct the financial resources we collect this year to help 34 mothers who have grown up without mothers and need our support to raise their children at home.

We would like to mention that during five years of campaign, the organization collected around 515,600 lei, in total.

CCF Moldova expresses its gratitude for every donation, support and good thought. We also thank the public figures who promoted the mission of the “Meaning of Fasting” campaign and believed in it.