23 July 2019

The severely disabled children from Small group home will benefit from their first adapted transport

A minibus adapted for disabled children has arrived at Small group home from Chisinau. The vehicle will facilitate the children’s access to medical institutions, rehabilitation sessions, parks and public events. The acquisition took place thanks to the financial support offered by Kaufland Moldova, which is the strategic partner of CCF/HHC Moldova for more than three years.

„It’s really important that the companies, through Social Responsability actions, to take the commitment in front of communities were they activate. At Kaufland, we believe that the engagement makes the difference. All our projects that we support have the mission to change for better the communities and the world we live in. I’m really honoured to be at this event. The joy in children’s and staff’s eyes is the most precious appreciation of our work. From now on, the children from Chisinau Small group home will be able to explore the world around them, in confort and safety, due to Kaufland and CCF/HHC Moldova partnership”, mentioned Anna Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR manager Kaufland România and Republic of Moldova.

Based on the agreement between CCF/HHC Moldova and Local Public Authority, the minibus was officially transmitted to the Municipal directorate for the protection of children’s rights. „This vehicle will allow our children from the Small group home to widen their geographic horizon. Despite the very good conditions of the home and of the courtyard, it’s really important for these teens and children to explore the world outside the house – new people, new places and unique experiences. We do hope that this year the adapted transport will bring to the Chisinau International Marathon, in September, not only the participants from last year edition – 2 boys living in the Small group home, but also and their supporters who will enjoy the atmosphere from the city centre”, concluded Liliana Rotaru, the president of CCF/HHC Moldova.

The social service “Small group home” is housing at the moment 11 severely disabled children who receive individual attention, therapy sessions and the best care, things they didn’t experience in the residential institution. The staff is making sure that they live in a family-based environment until they reach 18 years. They need support and adult supervision round-the-clock. It was really difficult to travel outside the house, at long distances. But when they needed, the carers were calling the taxi or the ambulance, vehicles that were not adapted accordingly.

Veronica Andronachi, Small group manager declaired: „Now we can certainly plan our activities which seemed impossible until this moment due to lack of mobility. Even if we were invited at the Zoo or were prescribed by the kinesiotherapist horseriding, it was a challenge to do them all. With Kaufland support and our partners from CCF/HHC Moldova, our children will be able to enjoy new experiences and new discoveries which will help them to maintain or even to improve the development of their potential.”

Small group home for severely disabled children from Chisinau was built and developed with the financial support of Hope and Homes Foundation and CCF Moldova in 2015. Afterwards, the service was taken over by the Municipal directorate for the protection of children’s rights assuring its durability and good-functioning.

We would like to mention that in 2018 Kaufland allocated 60 000 euros for the development of the first Baby&Mother Unit in Anenii Noi, which offers support and temporary shelter to mothers and children in need. The new social service became functional on CCF/HHC Moldova initiative.