05 July 2019

Three children were rescued from being separated from their mother

Radu is a nine years old child, who at a tender age has the responsibility of the oldest brother and the only man in the family capable to protect his little sisters, 7 and 3 years old, but most of all he became the main support for his mother. He has been deprived of father’s affection, who abandoned his family
years ago. They faced difficult moments. They had no safe place to overnight, the house they were forced to live was collapsing every day, being a real danger for all of them.


In these cruel circumstances, it’s more likely that the children can get separated from their mother and placed in a residential institution. In order to avoid such a tragedy, CCF/HHC Moldova included this family in its prevention program. The first alternative identified was renting a proper place, and subsequently facilitating the access to the social services provided by the authorities. We encouraged Maria to overcome all the issues by receiving the specialist’s legal advices, psychosocial counseling, educational opportunities for her children. The donor’s support relied on covering the immediate needs like clothes, school supplies, toys etc.


At the beginning of July 2019, the family have embraced an unaccountable happiness. The house they were renting during a whole year became their own house. Thanks to the financial resources obtained from the Gala of Generosity event, we were able to buy them this house and eliminate forever the reason which threatened the family’s future. “I can’t believe this is our own home. The joy is huge. I am afraid to believe this is true”, said Marina while Radu was hugging her and encouraging her to believe in a beautiful reality.