Creating family services


Since 2005 CCF Moldova / HHC United Kingdom is starting an absolutely necessary process for the children, families and communities in which they live, the development / extension of child and family protection services.

In order to ensure the implementation of the National Strategy and the Action Plan on the reform of the residential child care system for the years 2007 – 2012 and 2014-2020, CCF Moldova manages to become an active partner of the state structures in their realization, managing to create, High quality in several regions of the Republic of Moldova.

Good Practices Models on the Development of Social Services for Children and Family in the Republic of Moldova Created with the Support and Technical Assistance of CCF Moldova / HHC United Kingdom:

1. Creche – Day care for children from 4 months to 3 years – at the Municipal Children’s Specialized Center

The need to create such a service was based on solving a number of social problems, including material difficulties, the need to work to care for and raise the baby. Issues that needed to be resolved to prevent child separation from his family. Because in Chisinau there is currently no day care service for children up to 3 years of age who grow up in families that are in difficulty and with a high risk of child separation, CCF Moldova in cooperation with the Municipal Directorate for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and Family Contributed to the creation of such an extremely important service. At the moment CCF Moldova has contributed to the creation of 2 nursery day services at the Municipal Center for Placement and Rehabilitation for Early Childhood Children.

The maximum number of seats was 24. CCF Moldova / HHC contributed to the repair, the purchase of the furniture and the equipment necessary for the good functioning of the Crescent Service, plus the staff in the service benefited from the training, the supervision necessary to take over good working practices .

From June 2011 until April 2014, 59 children received this service. No child was subsequently placed in the institution and all children are with their parents, who due to their service have become more easily integrated into society.

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2. The Day Care Service for Children with Disabilities in the Municipal Center for Placement and Rehabilitation for Early Childhood Children

This service offers to children with special needs recovery, rehabilitation and socialization services, as well as their parents the opportunity to be active members of the community, thus succeeding in finding a job, and the most important is the child who remains with Parents and his family. CCF Moldova emphasizes an extremely important aspect in the rehabilitation of children, namely the intervention of the physical therapist, who performs not only in the day care but also in the natural / natural environment of the child with special needs. He is the one who offers advice / counseling to parents about child recovery through home visits and visits, thus assisting the parent in recovering the child. Other services that have a positive impact on children are art and music therapy, meetings where children have the opportunity to perform various manual works (postcards, fir tree, toys) and outward their emotions through music. And in order to come to the support of the parents of children with special needs, CCF Moldova offers individual counseling services, information on social benefits, thus accessing all available social services.

3. Community Reading and Playing Centers from Orhei (located in 4 villages within the district)

This service supplies the educational needs for the group of pre-school age children. The need to develop this center was due to the lack of preschool institutions in these 4 villages. CCF Moldova contributed to equipping these centers with all the necessary materials, training the four coordinators of the center, and 4 quarterly newspapers to inform parents about children’s growth and education, as well as an exchange of practical experience between the 4 community centers.

4. Reading and Playing Center for Young Children “CeCeFel” from Chisinau Municipality

It was developed for children from socially vulnerable families in Chisinau. In order to raise the level of development of young children through the game, as well as to improve parenting abilities. In this sense, information was provided to parents in various fields: psychological, pedagogical, medical and logopedic. Psychological support for overcoming postnatal depression of young mothers. At the moment, the given service has sustainability and continuity because it has been taken over by state structures, so continue