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Your donation will help us change the lives of hundreds of children that are orphaned, abandoned or at risk

of being separated from their parents.

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Donations via QIWI Terminal

Since 2004, CCF Moldova has been a nongovernmental organization that aims to create an environment of hope and respect for all children.

Starting December 1, 2012, CCF Moldova offers you a new way to donate: through more Qiwi terminals. The money donated will provide opportunity for hundreds of children to live with their parents and not go into residential institutions.


Steps to Donate

1. Menu access button section Donations

2. Select CCF Moldova

3. Enter the desired amount for donation


Addresses can be found by visiting terminals here


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PayPal Donations

Now you can donate through PayPal – a safe and fast way to donate.

* CCF Moldova undertakes the full sum donated to reach the direct beneficiaries.


E- mail for donations: