Who we are

CCF/HHC Moldova is a team of people working to give every child the opportunity to grow up in a loving family.


In 2004, a group of 5 people (4 teachers and a doctor) decided to get more actively involved with a common goal to make a difference in the lives of children in Moldova. Some had experience working in NGOs and knew of the outcome of these activities and the problems they could face.  They also knew of the dreams and hopes for the children in Moldova and particularly those who were separated from their families and were in residential institutions.  On April 8, 2004 CCF/HHC Moldova was registered with the Ministry Justice with the  registration #2952.  CCF/HHC Moldova has the status of a public utility.

Why we get involved

For us at CCF/HHC Moldova our work is not just a job, it’s a vocation. Our service involves emotional moments full of compassion for children and families.  We also deal with frustrations and sometimes failures.  Nevertheless for the most part our job is full of joyful events; these are the moments when we witness a family reunion, when we know of a child who experiences the comfort of having a home, knowing that a mother and a child are staying together and when we know that a young mother has an instant attachment to her child’s first smile-these moments are full of happiness for making a child happy…

Some time ago, we proposed to a group of children from a residential institution to play a game – from a list of 10 persons, they had to choose 3 persons to be saved from a wild island. There was a pregnant woman among the 10 people, and we expected the children to have a special attitude towards the future mother and baby. We believed she would be saved first.A 12 years old boy, however, excluded the pregnant women first from the list, saying “anyway, she will give birth and will abandon the baby…”

For over 11 years, we at CCF Moldova (Child Community Family) have been trying to change this situation. We are working hard to bring about things that will lead to normality in our society, namely, the love between parents and children, affection, warmth, sympathy, and understanding in the home, and the well-being of families, even those experiencing severe poverty.

This is possible, but it is not easy. We need people, time, resources and the right attitude.

We believe that this story will convince you of a simple truth – Every Child needs a family! We believe in this change, and we also believe that we will only reach this goal by working together.