Caring for children!

The most affected by poverty of all population groups are the children. It is really unfair. It is not their choice.

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  • 225 people ran so that hundreds of children could go to school well equipped
    For the fourth consecutive year, the Run for Children team mobilized in the name of disadvantaged children from our country. Even the pandemic could not stop us from breaking a new record - 225 participants, individual and corporate runners, entered the charity race "Challenge 2.7" - children independent of poverty.
  • A helping hand for the education of 270 children
    The total number of children in our country is 670,000 (excluding the Transnistrian region), according to the National Bureau of Statistics. According to the same source in previous years, every eighth child was affected by poverty. What is the situation now during the pandemic?
  • The Run for Children 2.7 challenge – a new action to support 270 children
    Every year, in September, CCF Moldova was mobilizing professional runners, but also those passionate about an active way of life in a team called Run for Children. The purpose of the team is to raise money to support the children the organization works with.
  • Expert: “Specialists must learn to work together. The medical approach to disabilities persists “
    "A medical approach to disabilities persists, while a complex intervention and combined efforts of specialists from several sectors are needed. Professionals need to learn to work together, support families, monitor the child's progress and regression. ” Marcela Dilion, PhD in sociology, talks about the need to change the attitudes of specialists, but also of community members.
  • Vienna State Opera soprano, Patron CCF / HHC Moldova

    “I feel honored and privileged at the same time to be the patron of the CCF Moldova (child, community, family) organization representing the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation in Great Britain. I support the values ​​promoted by them, I kindly think of the thousands of Moldovan children who can not enjoy a home and a family. By and far, I may be thinking like them. Nearly – I support the CCF / HHC Moldova family support and family support programs. Through them, I can contribute to the happiness and future of my country. I am happy that they can be part of their work, share their values ​​and our common efforts to change the childhood of our country ” – Valentina Naforniţa.