About the project



“Strong in differences – use of index of inclusion” project was launched. In the next months, 14 schools from Sângerei and Strășeni districts will benefit from the specialists’ support in order to promote inclusion values and transform the school environment in child-friendly communities.

The purpose of the project is to enforce school staff’s abilities by training, ensuring study visits and experience sharing, monitoring the progress and maintaining an efficient dialog with local authorities necessary for the community development and awareness.

The innovation of this action consist of identifying optimal solutions for the challenges of the traditional education process, which has been focusing on children’ academic performance, memorization and testing, with limited understanding of the emotional well-being, individual approach and care to differences.

The project relies on Dr. Tony Booth’s Index of Inclusion which was used by over 30 countries in the world. The Index supports schools’ self-assessment, planning and implementation process based on inclusive policies and practices, also providing concrete tools for consulting with children and parents. Estimative 1500 children attending 14 schools will benefit from the project’s results, almost 200 teachers will learn how to use the Index and 30 local and national education decision makers will understand the importance of an ongoing improvement process.

This project will be implemented from June 2019 to December 2020 in partnership with ChildFund Deutschland, with the financial support of German Federal Foreign Office.