03 June 2021

A better future for Dina and her daughter


With a newborn in her arms and her eyes looking down, Dina was waiting for us at the edge of the maternity bed. She was undecided and utterly powerless. That’s how we met the young mother, 29 years old, 2 weeks ago, when we were informed by the maternity social worker about a new case of abandonment. From the first discussions with the mother, it was clear that the troubles pushed her to take such a dramatic decision. With no home and no food, she thought she had nothing to offer to the child, who had just appeared in the world.

Dina had a challenging life. She came to the orphanage at an early age. After her adoption, her second mother died shortly after. A blow far too cruel for a child’s soul. When she grew up, she kept trying to arrange her life and start a real family, which she longed for all her life. In these searches, she found Radu, believing that they will be together for good. But her destiny was not what she thought it would be. Just as she began to feel a heart beat inside her, she was again abandoned by the one who had to give her all the support.

At 29, Dina was overwhelmed by so many disappointments in her life. Alone and without any support, the thought of leaving her child in a safe place until she will be able to care for her, was disturbing her. That place could provide only physical security, a shelter, but extremely emotionally insecure – the orphanage.

We gave them a fresh start in life

Once we met, we identified together the steps in order to avoid the separation of the child from the mother and to offer them both a beautiful start to life together. Obviously, we were morally obliged to help her so that her daughter would not repeat her destiny.

First of all, we gave her emotional support and psychological counseling to support her in the postnatal period. Then, we made sure that both Dina and the newborn had quality hygiene products, clothes and food, for an easier return after birth. We also helped Dina and her little girl to reach a Mother&Baby Center, where she will have the necessary accommodation time and the mother will learn how to take care of her baby.

Up to this point, we can say that we have managed to prevent an abandonment. But we continue to stand by them and identify new long-term solutions, and this involves a complex and lengthy process. Dina will need a home after leaving the Mother&Baby Center, access to a day social service for children so she can work, access to social benefits, employment support, mentoring and guidance for further planning, including family .