15 January 2017

A new case for Christmas campaign


Veronica is a cute and shy 16 year old, who lost 7 years of her childhood at an institution.

She was born in a simple family with 6 children, Veronica being the youngerst one. At the time she had to be enrolled in the community school, Veronica was not allowed to, due to the reason she had the retaining in the development. In such circumstances, the parents were, in a way, constrained to enroll their daughter in a residential institution. This happened around 7-8 years ago. At that time this was the only solution, which was inherited from an ill system that divided parents from their children.

Parents were ravaged by pain and sorrow, not to mentioning Veronica, a fragile soul, was separated from family and brothers. Every week, she was visited by her family, the brother made the shifts to go and see her at the institution, at least once in a month. Shortly after that, the mother becomes sick and the father lost himself in the passion of drunkenness. In this way, the suffering overcame the family.

Veronica was begging her brother to take her home, but the institutional staff assured them that the girl really needed the service provided by them.

The life of this young girl changed only a year ago, and although some traumas experienced in the institution would be difficult to ever recovered, Veronica has escaped the ordeal and is very happy.

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, Veronica came to see one of her sisters. The time spent together gave them the opportunity to share some emotions. Veronica, for the first time, had a moment of externalizing her feelings and the life in the institution. Her sister remained terrified.

Although, her sister has a tough financial situation, being a single mother of 2 children and taking care of 2 other children whose mother left to work in Russia, Veronica decided that from that moment, she would never return back to the institution. And that happened. Her sister said that they will need to cut the bread in more thin slices, to reach them all. There 6 souls, 5 of which belonging to children, that need our help. They sleep on two improvised beds in a small room that is heated in the wintertime. They are prepare the meal on a faulty stove that only has one working burne. Also, we did not find any electric kitchen devices in their tiny house, showing that they are in need of any good functional devices.

We urge you to bring along a ray of light and hope with the arrival of Christmas.

We assure you that all offered donations will be given directly to the family, but if you want to meet Veronica and her younger cousins, we are invite you to visit the family with us.

The family lives in a community in Ocnita County.