05 January 2017

The second case of Christmas campaign


It has been a week since returning home.

We met the three brothers three months ago in an orphanage from the Northern Moldova. They were small, vulnerable and very lost, separated into different groups according to age. Gabriel was 3 years old, and his little brothers, Daniel and Sandu, were 2 years old and 6 months old, respectively.

The brothers came to the institution because of poverty. Their parents work occasionally in their village, but they do have sufficient income to have a decent life. According to local authorities for the child protection point of view, they decided to send the children to an orphanage.

At the home, things did not change after three months, and the parents faced the same weights and difficulties.

So, we met Raisa and Ion, the parents with a difficult financial situation, that were suffering after their three little children thad to leave home. They had the desire and motivation to get their children back as soon as possible, and so the CCF team worked together to plan how to reunite the family.

The parents have done many of the planned actions in record time; they just needed some information, guidance and a little support. Does it make the sense to separate children from their parents just for these small issues?

At home, things have relatively improved, although we continue to work together with the family to create stability and durability.

The most important thing is the fact that is has been 7 days since the children have been reunited with their parents, where they feel at home in the light of attention and surrounded by love.

The conditions are very modest in the family, so the family would need a small, bed-swing for 6 months child, a cart, a sledge, a semi-automatic washing machine, food mixtures, toys and clothes.

We hope to join our efforts and help them, the family needs us!