Our Team

CCF Moldova is a team of professionals coordinated by the Chairwoman, Liliana Rotaru, Ph. D in philology. The team consists of experts in psychology, psycho-pedagogy, social assistance, law, financial matters with vast expertise in de-institutionalization, social/school inclusion, working with children of various ages: from 0-3 years, pre-school age, school age and adolescents.


Dr. Liliana Rotaru – Chairperson of CCF Moldova

Sergiu Busuioc – Resource Director

Ana Tomulescu – Program Manager, de-institutionalization of children aged 0-7 years, Bălți

Lorina Ghițu – Program Manager, de-institutionalization of children aged 7-18 years

Livia Marginean – Program Manager, de-institutionalization of children aged 0-7 years, Chișinău

De-institutionalization of infant and pre-school children:

Natalia Rotaru – Sîrbu – Psychologist

Cristina Hariton – Social Assistant

Renata Tiron – Psychologist

Natalia Făureanu – Social Assistant

Tatiana Silistraru – Psychologist

Tatiana Versteac – Psychologist

De-institutionalization of school-aged children and inclusive education:

Viorica Cojocaru – Inclusive Education Specialist

Sorin Popescu – Psychologist

Veronica Donciu – Volunteer Coordinator, Social Assistant

Elena Macari – Psychologist

Natalia Dmitrieva – Social Assistant

Mobile teams:

Corina Ilas – „De-institutionalization of infant and pre-school children” team

Vasile Crigan – „De-institutionalization of school-aged children and inclusive education” team

Communication and fundraising:

Tatiana Codreanu – Fundraising Coordinator

Lina Botnaru – Communication and Advocacy Specialist

Elena Ivanesi – Communication Assistant

Resources and logistics:

Alexandru Tozlovan – Accountant

Octavian Vîrlan – Lawyer

Marta Doibani – Program Assistant

Boris Bucatca – Driver, Logistics Officer

Igor Panaguţa – Logistics Officer

Gheorghe Ţuşcă – Logistics Officer

Valentin Buga – Logistics Officer

Tamara Cîrlig – Technical staff