What is prevention?

By preventing the separation of the child from the family we are ensuring that the child stays with the mother, parents or other family members.  By guaranteeing the right to live and grow in a family, the child is offered a harmonious development in different perspectives: emotional, intellectual and physical.  Prevention of institutionalization is a protection measure for the child that takes place in family or another similar environment.  Intervention as a prevention method is diverse, individual and focused on the needs of the child and family.

The CCF/HHC Moldova team has extensive experience related to prevention, working since 2007 in different regions of Moldova. So, we are convinced that an opportune intervention can be the prevention to avoid many challenges that could negatively impact the life of thousands of children who are at-risk.  CCF/HHC Moldova in collaboration with the local authorities for children’s protection take into account all the necessary measures to detect an early at-risk situation that may lead to the separation of children from their families (according to the Family Code, article 112).

Prevention is necessary when there are/is:

  • Financial difficulties of the family/poor living conditions;
  • Lack of living space;
  • Parents who graduated from residential institutions;
  • Single-parent family;
  • Families with many children;
  • Unwanted/hidden pregnancy;
  • Undocumented parents or children;
  • Parents infected with HIV;
  • Unemployment;
  • Parents that are abusing/ neglecting children;
  • One or both parents abroad;
  • Minor parents.

Why is prevention necessary? :

  • To prevent child abuse;
  • To prevent severe trauma for the child that derives from the separation of the biological family;
  • Temporary and urgent actions to solve the family crisis and prevent the institutionalization of the child;
  • Supporting the family in a particular difficult moment may avoid the separation of the child;
  • Prevention services are cost efficient;
  • Prevention is the most efficient intervention for children and families in at-risk situations;


Thus far, CCF Moldova succeeded to prevent the separation of 2305 children from their families.