Hope for a better future

We met Maria and her little daughter Lidia in the Spring of 2018 at the Mother and Baby Unit in Anenii Noi. They arrived here with the support of a local social worker in order to prevent an eventual abandonment. Unfortunately, abandonment does not necessarily happen as a result of the parent’s decision, but can occur due to difficult circumstances or to the authorities not offering viable alternatives to needy families. After she was admitted to the Mother and Baby Unit, we were contacted to have the chance to work with this modest 23-year-old, who even in difficult circumstances has an impressive determination to keep her child without neglecting her mentally disabled brother.

Precarious living conditions and lack of material support forced Maria to find a home in the Maternal Center. She agreed with the staff to live there for two months, the period of time she needed to ensure her house’s renovation, so that her child will have a decent life.

CCF/HHC Moldova provided this young mother and her daughter with support by introducing this family in the prevention program, and elaborating an individual plan according to her needs. Local authorities became a reliable partner of this process. Because of this, Maria was able to return home in two months, as was planned. During the entire period, even though she was busy with taking care of her baby and renovation works, Maria never forgot to visit her family regularly and take care of her father and brother. Once everything was ready, mother and daughter returned home. Now, they all live together.

Recently, Maria has been employed as a maid. While she is working, Lidia attends the kindergarten. However, the family budget is a humble one. Maria’s salary hardly covers all of the family’s expenses. We continue to monitor their situation in collaboration with the local authorities, encouraging family autonomy.

Maria is grateful for the priceless support that has allowed her to overcome all of her problems, but most of all she is happy to live with her family, close to her daughter. “I want to thank those who help us. I wish for my daughter to be happy.” All the challenges she has faced have failed to break her spirit.

In the Mather and Baby Unit in Anenii Noi, 16 mothers with 28 children were hosted and assisted for one year, who managed to solve delicate situations and keep their children close to them. CCF / HHC Moldova created this center in partnership with local authorities, thanks to the financial support provided by our trusted partner, KAUFLAND.

Here, mothers with their children receive (besides accommodation) social assistance, psychological counseling, professional guidance and/or employment, legal advice, and family planning advice, all on an individualized basis.