They have recovered their children


“We want our children home. We do not want to repeat one more time the experience we went through. We regret our decisions. Now we are trying to make up for that lost time.” These are the words of a young couple, Andrei and Maria, who risked losing their children because of the poverty, the lack of a stable income, the absence of a decent place to live, the dereliction of their parental duties.

A profound trauma of the entire family

Last winter, four children were placed in a residential institution for two months, an ordeal period for this family. Besides the fact that they were separated from their parents, once they arrived in the orphanage, the brothers were assigned to different groups according to the age criteria, without having the opportunity to interact with each other. The only moments they spent together were during the parents visits. Any reunion couldn’t have ended any differently than with endless cries. Previously, the family’s youngest child was hospitalized, being diagnosed with malnutrition. He weighed only five kg at one year old.


CCF/HHC Moldova assistance, a complex one

The moment their children were taken apart, the parents realized they must carry out actions in order to recover their four children. Thanks to the CCF/HHC Moldova complex assistance in association with local authorities, the parents were able to return their children home.

Happy children into the arms of their parents

This lovely father works from dawn till night so that make sure his children will lack nothing, while the mother takes care of them carefully. The children attend the kindergarten regularly, and Andrea will go to school in the first grade the next fall. Sergiu, the youngest, is making considerable progress, doctors say. He has gained weight and is taking his first steps. However, the most important thing remains to be children’s happiness, who got back into the loving arms of their parents. Although the needs are too big, they handle them together.

CCF/HHC Moldova continues to encourage the family

Recently, the couple inherited an old house they plan to live in beginning with next fall. CCF/HHC Moldova continues to support the family with home renovation issues. Previously, we helped them by buying poultries and animals, thus encouraging to become independent. Despite the hard struggles they faced, today they are all together, and their four children enjoy the warmth of parental love.